WPKO When Will it Snow Contest | Peak of Ohio http://www.peakofohio.com/pages/index.cfm?id=702 WPKO When Will it Snow Contest 2016-12-02T08:22:09Z WPKO When Will it Snow Contest Good luck to our contestants in the WPKO When Will it Snow contest.  This year's jackpot for the winner is worth over $900 worth of gifts and prizes.  The winner will be determined by the first day of 1 inch or more of accumulated snowfall in our official "Snow Zone" at WPKO & WBLL.  Thanks to our When Will it Snow sponsors: Marmon Valley Farm, Professional Vision Services, Cash Max, MIG Auto Group, Jacobs Auto Repair, Anytime Fitness, Hair by Rascals, Tri Point Automotive, Rush Optical, New Age Beauty Salon, Kings Country Corner, Shoe Sensation, Bellefontaine's Best Car Wash, Woody's Diner, Mad River Mountain, Top of Ohio Pet Shelter, Bud's Marine and Pak Mail. (See official rules below) Check the calendar below for the days our contestants picked.   NOVEMBER   SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY                 October 30 Amy Rutan Urbana October 31 Michael James Bellefontaine                  1 Ashley Holcamp Belle Center                  2 Barb Wilson Bellefontaine                      3 Amy Mott Bellefontaine 4 Barry Warne Bellefontaine 5 Mike Orhood Bellefontaine 6 Sue Ball Bellefontaine 7 Caroline Bernard Bellefontaine                 8 Amber Kerns Bellefontaine 9 Nancy Angle Bellefontaine 10 Jennifer Daniels Lakeview 11 Stacy Kite Bellefontaine 12 Shirley Taylor Bellefontaine 13 Sara Weisse Bellefontaine 14 Gidget Eleyet Bellefontaine 15 Jennifer Puckett Bellefontaine   16 Ed Marsh Bellefontaine 17 Grace Queen Rushylvania 18 Jackie Morris Bellefontaine 19 Polly Parker Bellefontaine 20 Casey Butt Lakeview 21 Angela Smith Lakeview 22 Timmy Jordan Bellefontaine   23 Terry Steiner West Liberty                24 Kris Orahood Bellefontaine 25 Beth Lantz Bellefontaine     26 Betty Forsythe East Liberty 27 Jody Butler Lakeview 28 Kristy Eaton Bellefontaine 29 Wendy Mechling Lakeview       DECEMBER SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY November 30   Carrie Fergus Bellefontaine     1 Amy Brown Belle Center 2 Amanda Corcoran Huntsville 3 Valdora Trout Lewistown 4 Phil Tracy Lakeview 5 Marcia Bryant Bellefontaine                      6 Casey Gillen Kenton 7 Kim Huffer Huntsville                         8  Julie Miller Bellefontaine 9 Lori Jones Bellefontaine 10 Angie Curtis Lewistown 11 Libby Krause Bellefontaine 12 Paul Purtee DeGraff                13 Shelly Oppy Bellefontaine 14 Tammy Weber Bellefontaine   15 Dina Leiter Belle Center 16 Amy Sullivan Huntsville 17 Audrey Ferryman Urbana 18 Kathy Manahan Bellefontaine 19 Karen Smith Bellefontaine 20 Jeff Easton West Liberty   21 Judy Justin Bellefontaine 22 Ron Halterman DeGraff 23 Rob Gammell Bellefontaine 24 Alan Pope DeGraff 25 Dan Diener Bellefontaine 26 Pat Farley Bellefontaine 27 Sheryl Taylor Lakeview     28 Ted Hoy Bellefontaine                29 Jenny    Mitchell Bellefontaine 30 Mary Pope DeGraff     31 Jason Knisely                                                           WPKO “When Will it Snow” Contest Rules   Contests are open to all persons with the exception of full or part-time employees of V-Teck Communications, Inc., employees of our participating When Will it Snow sponsors, and their immediate family.  V-Teck Communications, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any winner if contest rules are not followed.   There is no purchase necessary to win a prize.  Limit one entry per household. All double entries will automatically be disqualified.  Limited to one contestant picking one day (example; two contestants cannot pick December 1st only one, based on first entry to request that day).  Contest is limited to 63 entries.   V-Teck Communications, Inc. is not responsible for issues regarding telephones, cellular phones, including, but not limited to, hang-ups and disconnections (the station is free to take the next caller.)   Winner will be determined by the first accumulating snowfall in Logan County between October 27th and December 31st 2014.  Snowfall accumulation must be in excess of one (1) inch or more to declare a winner and the snow must cover a minimum of a 3’ x 3’ square area in our designated “Snow Zone” located on V-Teck Communications property at 1501 Rd. 235 Bellefontaine, OH 43311.   Official snowfall day will be determined by V-Teck Communications management and will be documented with a time stamped picture posted on the WPKO Facebook page.  All decisions are final.   Each contestant’s day is determined by Eastern Time Zone Midnight to Midnight.   If there is not a snowfall accumulation of 1” or more between October 27th and December 31st all entrants will be placed in a drawing for the grand prize the first business day in January.   Must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the WPKO When Will it Snow Contest.   Taxes, registrations, permits, and license fees are the sole responsibility of the winner.   Restrictions relating to any prize may apply.   Value for the prizes has been previously established and is not guaranteed or warranted by V-Teck Communications, Inc.  V-Teck Communications, Inc. reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value in the event that the announced prize is unavailable.   V-Teck Communications, Inc. accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries incurred from use or misuse of prizes.   V-Teck Communications, Inc. retains the right to amend these rules at any time with or without notice.  All decisions by V-Teck Communications, Inc. are final.                                                  Peak of Ohio 2016-12-03T01:22:09Z http://www.peakofohio.com/pages/index.cfm?id=702