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Indian Lake set to present Meet Me in St. Louis (Audio included)

You're invited to a musical at Indian Lake High School this weekend.

The ILHS Music Department will be performing Meet Me in St. Louis tonight and tomorrow.

Some of the cast members appeared on Wilkinson in the Morning today.

(Pictured, front row left to right: Kasandra Knief, Sean Pusey, Ashley Wall, Elysa Easton, and Brianna Fry
Back row left to right: Michael Mallory, Matt Hemmer, Randall Henson, Ben Wahl, and Mason Evilsizor)

Meet Me in St. Louis is a musical that tells the story of an American family living in St. Louis at the time of the World Fair in 1904.

The Smith family led a comfortable middle-class life. Mr. Alonzo Smith and Mrs. Anna Smith have four daughters: Rose, Esther, Agnes, and Tootie; and a son, Lon Jr.

Esther (played by Elysa Easton), the second eldest daughter, is in love with the boy next door, John Truett (played by Ben Wahl), although he does not notice her at first.

Rose is expecting a phone call in which she hopes to be proposed to by Warren Sheffield.

Esther finally gets to meet John properly when he is a guest at the Smiths' house party, although her chances of romancing him don't go to plan when, after all the guests are gone and he is helping her turn off the gas lamps throughout the house, he tells her she uses the same perfume as his grandmother and that she has "a mighty strong grip for a girl".

On Halloween, Tootie returns home injured, claiming that John Truett attacked her. Without bothering to investigate, Esther confronts John, physically attacking him and scolding him for being a "bully". When Esther returns home, Tootie confesses that what really happened was that John was trying to protect Tootie and Agnes from the police after a dangerous prank they pulled went wrong. Upon learning the truth, Esther immediately dashes to John's house next door to apologize, and they share their first kiss.

Mr. Smith announces to the family that he is to be sent to New York on business and eventually they will all move. The family is devastated and upset at the news of the move, especially Rose and Esther whose romances, friendships, and educational plans are threatened. Esther is also upset because they will miss the World Fair.

An elegant ball takes place on Christmas Eve. Esther is devastated when John cannot take her as his date, due to his leaving his tuxedo at the tailor's and being unable to get it back. But she is relieved when her grandfather offers to take her instead. At the ball, Esther fills up a visiting girl's dance card with losers because she thinks Lucille is a rival of Rose's. But when Lucille turns out to be interested in Lon, Esther switches her dance card with Lucille's and instead dances herself with the clumsy and awkward partners. After being rescued by Grandpa, she is overwhelmed when John unexpectedly turns up after somehow managing to obtain a tuxedo, and the pair dance together for the rest of the evening. Later on, John proposes to Esther and she accepts.

Esther returns home to an upset Tootie. She is soothed by the poignant "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Tootie, however, does become more upset at the prospect of the family's move and runs downstairs, out into the cold to destroy the snowmen they have made. Mr. Smith sees his daughter's upsetting outburst from an upstairs window.

Mr. Smith later announces that the family will not leave St. Louis after all when he realizes how much the move will affect his family. Warren boldly declares his love for Rose, stating that they will marry at the first possible opportunity. Finally, all of the family is able to attend the World Fair.

The musical is directed by music instructor Joyce King.

Listen to the cast members featured on Wilkinson in the Morning.

Show times are tonight at 8:00 and Saturday at 8 p.m.

Tickets are available at the door.

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