Tue, Mar 12 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Benjamin Logan High School

BLMS Parent Academy III “Champion of Choices” slated for Tuesday, March 12 – 6:00- 7:00 pm in the BLHS Auditorium

Benjamin Logan Middle School is taking proactive steps to address important issues through their Parent Academy series. The focus on educating parents and guardians about the challenges their children may face in today’s society is commendable. The choice of topics, such as vaping, digital empowerment, and now “Champion of Choices,” shows a commitment to covering a wide range of relevant issues.

Bringing in Mr. Marc Mero, a former WWE Wrestling Champion and inspirational speaker, adds a dynamic element to the Parent Academy III. His experience and expertise will likely resonate well with students and parents alike. The emphasis on the importance of choices, friendships, and the impact of decisions on mental health and self-worth aligns with crucial aspects of adolescent development.

It’s wonderful to see the community involvement and support from local businesses and organizations, such as Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Services Board of Logan & Champaign Counties, Mary Rutan Foundation, and The Briarwood Sporting Club. This collaborative effort is crucial in addressing the challenges faced by today’s youth.

Extending the invitation to parents beyond Benjamin Logan to the surrounding area and local schools is a thoughtful gesture. It recognizes that these concerns are widespread and can benefit a broader audience.

If parents have any questions about the event, it’s helpful that they can reach out to the Benjamin Logan Middle School Office by calling  937-599-2386 for more information. This open communication channel ensures that parents can get the information they need to participate in this valuable initiative.

Overall, the Parent Academy series seems to be a well-organized and community-supported effort to address critical issues and empower both parents and students with the knowledge and tools they need.