American Icon Returns to Logan County Courthouse


The American flag that flies above the Logan County Courthouse can be viewed from all directions by persons throughout the city of Bellefontaine and even miles outside its limits.

However, for a few weeks, many residents noted its absence and wondered why the iconic patriotic symbol was missing.

The answer had a lot to do with the wear and tear of the flagpole through many seasons and various weather conditions.

A flag has been on display on the highest elevation of the city since 2018 when the reconditioning of the courthouse was completed.

Recently, the Logan County Commissioners have implemented a program in which citizens of notoriety have been presented with the courthouse flag that had been in use the month prior.

It was noted that the flag’s halyard had broken during a recent flag change and a cord replacement was scheduled with a specialist with the Old Glory Flagpole and Rescue company from Westerville, OH.

A technician shimmied up the flag pole and was able to replace and thread the metal cable around the pulley at the top, a “tall” order for anyone to accomplish at such an exposed height.