Beattie wins Performance Champion


Sarah Beattie and her barrow won Champion in the Performance Pig Show at the Champaign County Fair Monday afternoon. Lin Current won Reserve Champion. Beattie also won % Lean Champion and Kaden Gochenour won % Lean Reserve Champion. The complete rundown is listed below.


Sarah Beattie

Reserve Champion

Lin Current

Champion % Lean

Sarah Beattie

Reserve Champion % Lean

Kaden Gochenour

3rd Overall

Ryleigh Schafer

4th Overall

Kaden Gochenour

5th Overall

Leila Morris

6th Overall

Mason Bandy

Class 1

1st – Kaden Gochenour

2nd – Leila Morris

3rd – Kaden Gochenour

Class 2

1st – Ryleigh Schafer

2nd – Ryleigh Schafer

3rd – Carson McCulla

Class 3

1st – Sarah Beattie

2nd – Avery Gould

3rd – Landry McCulla

Class 4

1st – Myah Bandy

2nd – Lane Poland

3rd – Kynslie McIntosh

Class 5

1st – Sarah Beattie

2nd – Mason Bandy

3rd – Lin Current

Class 6

1st – Lin Current

2nd – Sarah Beattie

3rd – Brooke Cohn

Class 7

1st – Lin Current

2nd – Shelby Ritchie

3rd – Kenadi McKee

Class 8

1st – Dixon Pullins

2nd – Ethan Hodge

3rd – Landree Bacher

Class 9

1st – Lin Current

2nd – Lane Poland

3rd – Lyza Forson