Bellefontaine Middle School student charged with inducing panic


A Bellefontaine Middle School student was charged with a felony last week.

On Wednesday, a teacher at BMS overheard, and confirmed with a male student, that he was going to bring a shotgun to school.

The teacher stated towards the end of class, she overheard the student say something about bringing a gun to school.

The teacher questioned the student on what he said and he replied “I’m going to bring a shotgun to school.”

The teacher advised officers that when class was dismissed, she attempted to reach someone to report the information.

Assistant Principal Gavin Yoder was notified.

He called the student’s mother and advised her of what the student had said. Yoder also told the mother he was implementing school discipline on the student and advised the school would file a complaint.

The report was sent to Logan County Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for further review of the charges of felony inducing panic.

The charge is a felony due to the threat being directed to the school population.