Bellefontaine woman arrested for marijuana, OVI, and other charges


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were westbound on West Sandusky Avenue near Pratt Street Sunday morning around 2:45. They observed a Chevrolet make a wide left turn off Garfield Avenue onto West Sandusky Avenue. While traveling on Everett Street, the vehicle nearly struck the curb. The vehicle continued eastbound on West Sandusky and struck the curb again.

A traffic stop was initiated.

Ashley Reed, 40, was asked for her license and proof of insurance. She stated she did not have it and did not have a valid license. She said she had come from the Beer Vault. It was difficult to understand Reed, as her speech was slurred. When asked how many drinks she had, she stated “about three”.

Reed exited the vehicle and removed several items from her pockets. Officers saw on the driver’s seat two clear containers of raw marijuana and two orange pill bottles that contained marijuana roaches. Reed stated she had a medical marijuana card, but was not able to provide it.

When asked how much marijuana she smoked earlier, she stated “I was in East Liberty. I don’t know.” She also said she smoked “quite a bit.” She stated she drank three Bud Lights at the Beer Vault. When police asked if she had anything in her pockets, she removed a bowl which was found to be a marijuana pipe with burnt marijuana residue in it. A small grinder was also found in the vehicle.

Reed agreed to perform field sobriety tests.

The officer advised she was not able to smoke the raw marijuana, even with a medical marijuana card. Reed said she could vape and the officer agreed, but Reed did not have any vapes in the vehicle (she only had marijuana roaches and her bowl). She also stated she could not remember how long ago she had smoked.

She said her medical marijuana card was at home.

Reed was placed under arrest for OVI.

Reed was transported to the police department and consented to a breath test. Her BAC yielded a 0.198, just over two times the legal limit.

Reed was charged with possession of drugs-marijuana, OVI, OVI equal or greater than 0.17, operation while failure to reinstate license, no operator’s license, operation under FRA suspension, no driver’s seat belt, turns at intersections, driving in marked lanes, driving on curb, and failure to control.

She was released to a sober driver.