BHS Robotics Team Shines at World Championship


Five Bellefontaine High School students shined in the VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend.

Bellefontaine High School Robotics Team 9185A – FOAM showcased its determination and perseverance.

The team went 5-5 and finished 31st in their division.

The FOAM team members are junior Alex Cavanaugh along with sophomores Ryann Gatchel, Lorenz Henry, Hayden Maus, and Mason Swisher.

Throughout the championship, FOAM encountered a series of challenging matches.

The team’s resilience and tenacity drew praise from the audience and fellow competitors.

The FOAM team would like to thank the community for their support and a special thanks to their team sponsors, which can be seen in their team picture and on their team shirts.

The team advanced to the World VEX competition with a strong finish at the Ohio State VEX event in Marion in early March.

FOAM earned the DESIGN Award, which was the second-highest award presented to any team in the state.

BHS robotics are coached by Micah Woolf and Dustin Van Buskirk.