BHS Sweeps Trivia Bee


The American Association of University Women (AAUW) held its 24th annual Trivia Bee Wednesday night, at the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

23 teams battled through ten rounds of tough trivia ranging from roller coasters to the Renaissance.

After 100 questions the BHS A Team won via a tiebreaker over Roundhouse Depot.

BHS A team members were Mike Vetorino, Jim Robinson, Steve Henry, Bill Badenhop, and Richard Kurtz.

The ten categories created by the AAUW were: Sunday Lessons (about comic strips); Family Feud (civil war); Places to See & Things to Do; The Shoe of the Century; This Category Stings (about bees); Are We There Yet?; Artsy Fartsy (Renaissance); Keep Your Distance (pandemic); Strong Foundations (concrete); and Whee! (roller coasters).

Melissa Marino explains what AAUW is and what this event benefitted: