DeGraff Council Meets K9 Officer Ice


The Village of DeGraff council met Tuesday night and was introduced to the newest member of the police department: K9 Ice. Officer Ice, fresh from making an arrest, seemed to take it all in stride.

In his report, Village Administrator Ken McAlexander said the water treatment plant improvement projects are being completed as scheduled.

Fire Chief Greg Beatty informed the council that the three new firefighters recently passed their testing. He was also told by the village’s current turnout gear supplier that they will no longer be selling turnout gear. Beatty located another distributor and expects an approximately $200 per set increase. To that end, Beatty informed the council that if they authorized his joining of a fire chief’s group for $21, the village could apply for a grant that could provide up to four sets of turnout gear. The council unanimously approved the fee payment.

Chief Beatty also requested $1500 to purchase two fire hydrant test kits. That request was approved.

In her report, Mayor Orsborne reminded the council about the Memorial Day parade coming up Monday. She requested that State Route 235 be closed entirely during the parade. Mayor Orsborne talks about the Memorial Day parade:  

Additionally, the community-wide garage sales will be on June 1, 2024.

In the legislative portion of the meeting, one ordinance was adopted. The ordinance would increase the amount Village Administrator Ken McAlexander could spend without council approval to $75,000. The ordinance was given its first reading last meeting. It was decided to waive the second and third readings and approve the ordinance.