Drunk man arrested for assault


The Bellefontaine Police Department responded to a report of an assault at the Pink House in Bellefontaine Wednesday night.

The victim told the police a man came into the bar already intoxicated.

He had one beer at the bar and began acting erratically.  He was asked to leave and became combative.  The victim attempted to escort the man from the bar when the man pushed the victim causing them to fall backward into the side of the pool table.

The victim had two knotted abrasions on the right side of their head, a large bruise on the right arm, and the right side of their cheek was bruised.

The victim was encouraged by medics to visit the hospital.  The victim declined medical transport and was taken to Mary Rutan by private vehicle.

A witness in the bar corroborated the victim’s story.

Based on a description of the man, police were able to identify the suspect as Colin Lewis.

They went to his residence and when he came outside he was very unsteady and had a blank gaze.  He was swaying with each step and his speech was slurred.

Lewis admitted to being at the bar and told officers he only pushed the victim because the victim grabbed him.

He was placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail.

At the jail, Lewis became aggressive with law enforcement.  He touched a corrections officer and told him he could take them all.  Lewis attempted to assault a corrections officer and was placed in a restraint chair.

Colin Lewis was charged with assault.

Colin Lewis