Elementary Festivities: Santa Hands Out Books at BLES, Elf of the Roof at ILES


Santa Claus delivered a book to each student at Benjamin Logan Elementary Wednesday.

BLES-PTC purchased the books so that each student would have a holiday book to read over the break.

The Grinch (Erin Woodward), Cindy LouHoo (Kaleigh Saylor), and Max (Merisha Organ) also delivered “Grinch Punch” to BLES teachers today and delighted the students!

Up on the school top, what do I see?
The Elf on the Shelf is greeting me!
She waves good morning to girls and boys
All for the Lakers’ Christmas joys!
The kids of ILES got an extra special welcome on the final day of school for 2023!
The Elf on the Shelf sat on top of the building near the entrance to thank students for their great behavior the first semester of school.
The students were delighted and excited as they exited their vehicles and got off the buses.
They squealed and waved with faces smiling in holiday glee.
Many of the children guessed that it was really Assistant Principal Mrs. Pam Scarpella up there, assisted by SRO Miller.
However, that rumor was not confirmed.