Ellis Issued Summons for Theft After Stealing From Employer


Thursday, Bellefontaine Police were dispatched to Hothead Burrito for a report of theft by an employee.

Owner, Stephen Collins, stated that his employee, Kayla Ellis, 28 of Bellefontaine, was seen on security footage taking $200 from the register on Wednesday.

Officers viewed the footage and could see Ellis take the money and put it in her back pocket.

They were provided with Ellis’ address and went to her home to speak to her.

When officers arrived she was not home, but a man who was, called Ellis on the phone and allowed officers to speak with her.

Ellis admitted that she had the $200 and was asked to turn it in to the police.

She went to the Bellefontaine Police Department later in the day.

Ellis was issued a criminal summons for theft with a mandatory court date.

Officers contacted Collins and he picked up the money from the police station.

At that time, he reported that he had reviewed security footage from Sunday and that Ellis was seen taking $100, however, did not wish to pursue that matter.

An officer spoke with Ellis on the phone and she did not confirm nor deny the $100 theft on Sunday.

She was asked to turn those funds into the police department, at which she told officers she had already spent it and did not have it.