Epic Pie-in-the-Face Moments Mark Memorable Pi Day Celebration


BLMS students and staff witnessed some truly memorable pie-in-the-face moments as part of the annual Pi Day celebration.

The event, organized by the BLMS Student Council, brought together students and staff for a fun-filled and charitable occasion.

Leah Braddock, the fearless Vice President of the Student Council, took center stage as she bravely received a pie in the face from her father, also a BLMS teacher.

Leah’s courage and dedication to the cause set the tone for the festivities.

Not to be outdone, teachers Sarah Smith, Amanda Davis, and Riley Hayhurst, along with Principal Holly Barr and Assistant Principal Scott Frederick all enthusiastically embraced the pie-in-the-face challenge, showcasing their commitment to having a good time while supporting a great cause.

The event concluded with a resounding round of applause for all the pie recipients, who demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship and made Pi Day a truly unforgettable experience.

Student council leaders Autumn Cline, Lottie Bodin, and Leah Braddock extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated, voted, and contributed to the success of the event.

Their support helped raise funds for Rally for the Cure, making a meaningful difference in the community with proceeds benefiting the Logan County Cancer Society.