Going Once… Going Twice… SOLD


Bidders at the 2023 Logan County Junior Fair Livestock Auction spent nearly $300,000 Friday afternoon.

Lambs, goats, swine, chickens, dairy steers, turkeys, rabbits, beef steers, dairy feeders, and bears….well maybe not bears… went through the sale ring.

The sale brought in over 90 new buyers and was led by two auctioneers, Johnny Regula & Matthew Bowers. Bowers is new to the Logan County Fair, but Regula is a seasoned veteran. Commenting on braids, shirts & how they knew the partipants families kept the crowd engaged with the auction.

Taking top seller in the show was Lane Hill. Hill’s supporters gave him just over $10,000 for his project.

The Champions of this year’s Livestock side of the Junior Fair brought in:

  • Jada Shroyer, Grand Champion Market Lamb, $1,265
Jada Shroyer
  • Kolton Cummins, Reserve Champion Market Lamb, $3,310
  • Anara Shroyer, Grand Champion Market Goat, $1,365
  • Jaidyn Jackson, Reserve Champion Market Goat, $1,600
  • Kayla Tracey, 3rd Overall Market Goat, Born & Raised Champion, $1,450
  • Jonas Hoffman, Born& Raised Reserve Champion, $1,600
  • Nahla Payne, 5th Overall Market Goat, $900
Ricky Tevis
  • Ricky Tevis, Grand Champion Market Barrow, $1,500
  • Ricky Tevis, Grand Champion Market Gilt, $1,250
  • Lane Hill, Reserve Champion Market Barrow, $10,065
Lane Hill
  • Halie Johnson, Reserve Champion Market Gilt, $650
  • Reed Strayer, Grand Champion Meat Pen Chickens, $1,535
  • Alivia Kinney, Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen Chickens, $3,125
  • Micah Ackley, Grand Champion Dairy Steer, $1,775
Micah Ackley
  • Orville Winner, Reserve Champion Dairy Steer, $1,400
  • Kendra Kennedy, Grand Champion Overall Market Turkey, $1,450
Kendra Kennedy
  • Maria Henderson, Reserve Grand Champion Overall Market Turkey, $700
  • Harper Penhorwood, Grand Champion Over All Meat Pen Rabbit, $500
  • Lacey Schwieterman, Reserve Champion Over All Roaster Rabbit, $600
  • Carson Penhorwood, Grand Champion Single Fryer Rabbit, $300
Carson Penhorwood
  • Carson Penhorwood, Reserve Champion Meat Pen Rabbit, $275
  • Carson Penhorwood, Reserve Champion Roaster Rabbit, $500
  • Kaitlyn Schlumbohm, Grand Champion Beef Steer, $2,200
Kaitlyn Schlumbohm
  • Mylee Boysel, Reserve Champion Beef Steer, $2,050
  • Evan Patton, Grand Champion Born & Raised, $3,577
  • Tucker Downing, Champion Market Heifer, $2,800
  • Lincoln Roell, Grand Champion Slick Steer, $1,062
  • Alexandra Kinney, Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder, $3,075
Alexandra Kinney

The Logan County Junior Fair is thankful for all of those who came out and supported the 2023 Logan County Junior Fair Livestock Auction.