Lewistown man arrested for possession of drugs and conveyance


The Bellefontaine Police Department responded to reports of a black BMW swerving on US 33, Sunday afternoon at approximately 3:30 pm.

After scanning the area, police sighted the vehicle in the McDonald’s parking lot located at 1127 North Main Street.

The officer approached the driver, identified as Joshua Green, 31 of Lewistown. When asked what was going on, Green stated that he had just arrived the night prior from Brinkley, Arkansas, to see a family member who was in hospice. He denied having any illegal substances in the vehicle.

After noticing an open container of Twisted Tea, officers searched the car, where they found a small plastic container of what appeared to be marijuana, as well as a plastic bag containing what appeared to be cocaine.

Green was placed under arrest. When asked if the powder contained in the plastic bag was cocaine, he said that he believed it was. He stated that he had bought the substance from a man at a truck stop to help keep him awake during his trip.

Officers further searched the trunk area of the vehicle, locating several packages of energy pills and fake urine.

Throughout the search and his transportation to the Logan County Jail, Green was asked three times if he carried any other illegal substances on his person. Each time, he denied it.

At the jail, Green was asked to remove his shoes as part of the intake process. A glass pipe with burn marks, common with smoking methamphetamine, fell out of his left shoe, and a plastic bag containing a white powder was removed from his right sock.

Green was booked on two counts of possession of drugs, a felony of the 5th degree, conveyance of drugs into a detention facility, a felony of the 3rd degree, and drug paraphernalia.