Huntsville Man Arrested for Criminal Trespassing


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were called to a Huntsville residence in reference to a domestic complaint early Friday morning.

The victim stated that she had been at Desperado’s in Huntsville Thursday evening when she received a text message from Anthony Partington.

When the victim went to leave the bar and unlocked her car, Partington jumped into the passenger seat.

They then drove to a bar in Belle Center.

Once at the bar, the victim ordered a drink and quickly paid her tab and left without Partington, and returned to her home.

Several hours later, Partington was banging on the door of the victim. When she opened the door, he entered her home without being invited in.

While the two spoke, Partington grabbed the victim by the shirt, and she in turn put a lit cigarette out on his face and told him to leave.

Partington proceeded to pretend to fall asleep on the victim’s couch, and the victim then called 911.

Upon arrival, deputies asked Partington why he was at the victim’s home, he stated that the victim had invited him over and had brought him there from the bar in Belle Center.

The victim produced text messages to deputies contradicting his story.

Deputies arrested Partington for Criminal Trespassing and transported him to the Logan County Jail.

Law enforcement had been involved with a similar complaint between the victim and Partington in June.

At that time, Partington was located at the victim’s residence and arrested for Public Intoxication.