Indian Lake Seniors Hold 3E Signing


Every member of the Indian Lake Class of 2024 has answered the question, ‘What’s Your E?’

As part of the “3E” initiative to get all senior students in Logan County either Enrolled, Enlisted, or Employed, the Logan County Collaborative staged the 2024 Signing Day at Indian Lake High School recently.

Students signed a certificate declaring whether they are headed to an institute of higher education, to the Armed Forces, or starting work at an area business upon graduation.

ILHS Alum Rick Powers spoke to members of the ILHS Class of 2024 during the signing ceremony.

Powers told the seniors he earned a degree in English from the Ohio State University, but he instead entered the world of manufacturing.

He’s now a leader at NX Automotive Logistics and loves his career path.

“Have a good attitude and a healthy level of ambition. Those two things will take you a long way and maybe make up for a lack of talent or intelligence. Ambition is a good thing in moderation and attitude is everything.”

Powers also encouraged the seniors to take advantage of any free education opportunities, travel if possible, accept help from others, and be loyal to a workplace until it makes sense to move on.

Logan County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ben Vollrath praised the group on their decisions and urged them to consider returning to Logan County in the future, no matter what path they’ve chosen.”I ask and challenge you to consider coming back. We need you. We want you. Your passion and talent can take our community to the next level!”

Students posed for pictures in their respective Enrolled, Enlisted and/or Employed groups, then individually signed certificates from the Logan County Collaborative to mark the occasion and make their choice official.

A few seniors were not present for the signing because of a field trip.

Three seniors joined Ken Keller Friday morning on the Morning Show, listen in here: