Jackie Bray Graduates from ARC


February 13, 2024–Judge Kevin P. Braig and the Logan County Court of Common Pleas Adult Recovery Court (ARC) Team celebrated the graduation of Jackie Bray from the ARC.

“Jackie is one of the smartest people who has ever graduated from ARC,” Judge Braig told a group at the Recovery Zone in Bellefontaine which included the graduate’s daughter and aunt. “She has resumed her education, her future is bright.”

The staff at Recovery Zone fixed a delicious lunch of pasta, salad, and dessert for everyone.

After the meal and graduation, Kay Reinkert provided a free art lesson.

Participants painted a winter scene of snow, trees, and a barn.

“I am so grateful for the involvement of Recovery Zone and Kay Reinkert in the ARC,” Judge Braig said.

“They made it an amazing day. Kay Reinkert is not only a talented artist, but she is a former Logan County Fair arm-wrestling champion. She brings a lot to the table. She provided so much enrichment to everyone in the ARC.”

The ARC treatment team works within the framework of the traditional Logan County Common Pleas Court.

ARC’s mission is to achieve specific, rehabilitative objectives.

The objectives of the ARC are to monitor the treatment for substance abuse disorder of ARC participants, encourage and incentivize ARC participants to achieve rehabilitation and personal accountability and decrease criminal activity and the need for incarceration.