Jackson Center man arrested for persistent disorderly conduct


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 5891 County Road 21 in Lewistown in reference to a domestic between a father and son Monday night around 9:00.

Upon arrival, Dustin Wells, 31, was standing on the front porch of the residence.

While talking with his father, Richard Wells, deputies noticed he had blood on his nose and a big bruised knot on the side of his right face. When asked how he got it, Richard stated he went outside to check on his son, and he observed Dustin hunched over in a truck with a piece of tin foil on his lap that had burnt residue on it. Richard stated he slapped Dustin in the chest a few times to get him to wake up. Once Dustin woke up, he started to attack him.

Richard stated he did not want his son to go to jail. When he realized this was a possibility, he changed his story and said while he was running around in the yard, he slipped on wet grass and his glasses caused damage to his face.

Richard stated that Dustin has been on drugs. He told authorities that if they walked out to the truck they would see what Dustin was doing. At the same time, he didn’t want Dustin to go to jail and would not give them permission to look in the truck.

While talking to Dustin’s mother, she was very vague on the details when asked about the incident. She stated no punches were thrown.

During the deputy’s time at the residence, Dustin and Richard argued with each other and disregarded anything deputies were saying or telling them to do. Their stories constantly changed. Both were uncooperative. Authorities were unsure of the domestic violence charge on either party. They were not able to find who the primary aggressor was.

Both Richard and Dustin agreed they would be fine if Dustin left for the evening. Deputies tried multiple times to get Dustin to make a phone call to get a ride. He kept wanting to argue with authorities and his father. Dustin said at one point to just arrest him and take him to jail.

After an hour of trying to get Dustin to leave, deputies decided, after being patient and exhausting all options, to arrest Dustin.

As Dustin was placed in handcuffs, he began yelling at deputies on the scene and acting aggressively, stepping toward the deputy and continuing to yell.

Dustin was arrested for persistent disorderly conduct and transported to the Logan County Jail.