Joke Goes Bad; Dog Bite Leads to Quarantine


What started as a practical joke, ended with a quarantine and a police report Monday.

Bellefontaine Police were flagged down while on patrol on West Columbus Avenue. The woman informed them a pit bull had just bit a local juvenile.

Two children were walking their dog when they jokingly told it to bite a boy who was playing nearby. The dog complied and the suspects ran.

Amy Dunn, 41, of Bellefontaine, the dog’s owner, later brought her children and pet to the police station to rectify things. She said the dog has never been vicious but does follow orders when given. Dunn provided documentation proving the canine was up to date on all vaccinations.

The victim was taken to Mary Rutan Hospital for minor lacerations on the back of his leg. The dog was quarantined while a report was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor and Logan County Health Department for review.