Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Results; top bid was over $3K


The 2023 Champaign County Junior Fair Market Livestock Sale took place in the Merlin Woodruff Show Arena Friday morning.

Taking top seller in the three sales was Matthew Westfall (Reserve Champion Market Goat). His goat sold for $3,250.

Charli Ankrom (Junior Showman and Junior Skillathon Winner) sold her dairy steer for $2,750. Bryden Ankrom, FFA Dairy Steer Grow Em 2 Show Em Club, sold his dairy steer also for $2,750.

Cooper Hudson Love (Champion Dairy Steer, Senior Showman, Intermediate Skill) sold his dairy steer for $2,600.

See the results of the champions of this year’s dairy steer, dairy feeder, and goat side of the junior fair below:

Market Dairy Steer Sale

  • Cooper Hudson Love, Champion Dairy Steer, Senior Showman, Intermediate Skill, $2,600
  • Ava Bostick, Reserve Champion Dairy Steer, FFA Showman, $1,400
  • Ella Conley, Champion 4-H Rate of Gain, $300
  • Saydie Farmer, Reserve Champion 4-H Rate of Gain, $200
  • Sam Hoewischer, Showman of Showman, $950
  • Carly Crawford, Intermediate Showman, $750
  • Charli Ankrom, Junior Showman and Junior Skillathon Winner, $2,750
  • Everly Powell, Rookie Showman, $375
  • Leah Loudenback, Senior Skillathon Winner, $420










Market Dairy Feeders Sale

  • Samuel Wilkins, Champion Dairy Feeder, Senior Showman, $1,050
  • Andie Adams, Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder, $1,000
  • Kaleb Pond, Champion Rate of Gain, Senior Skillathon Winner, $1,225
  • Fredrick Bradford, Reserve Champion Rate of Gain, $300
  • Lorelei Wilhelm, Intermediate Showman, $300
  • Michael Wilhelm, Junior Showman, $300
  • Avery Randall, Rookie Showman $300
  • Brooke Dunn, Division 6 Champion, $850










Market Goat Sale

  • Wyatt Faulkner, Champion Market Goat, $2,200
  • Matthew Westfall, Reserve Champion Market Goat, $3,250
  • Kaitlyn Metz, Champion Born and Raised, $800
  • Madison Detwiler, Reserve Champion Born and Raised, $1,425
  • JT Todd, Showman of Showman, $500
  • Bailey Zimmerman, Intermediate Showman, $1,450
  • Asher Ingles, Rookie Showman, $400
  • Shannon Stahler, Intermediate Showman, $300
  • Hannah Dingledine, Senior Skillathon, $475
  • Malynn Bacher, Intermediate Skillathon Winner, $1,000
  • Drew Piacentino, Junior Skillathon, $1,000
  • Jackson Underwood, Division 5 Winner, $300
  • Ashlee VonDeylen, Champion Rate of Gain, $275
  • Jensen Patterson, Champion Rate of Gain Show, $350










The Champaign County Junior Fair is thankful for all of those who came out and supported the 2023 Champaign County Junior Fair Livestock Auction.