Knowlton Library Continues Renovation


The Knowlton Library in Bellefontaine continues to work on renovations after the building was extensively damaged when water lines froze and broke on December 25, 2022. They are working diligently with their insurance company, construction company, and other contractors to restore and improve the Library.

Presently, they do not have a definite date for reopening the Library.

Library patrons can look forward to the many improvements that have been made during this restoration project.

The new layout of the library will include a new coffee bar area near the front entrance, which includes comfortable seating to read a magazine or newspaper.

In the children’s area, the changes to the layout will provide more open space for children to crawl and play. We will also be adding some new interactive hands-on elements to the end panels of the bookshelves.  The new feature of the children’s room is a maker space to foster innovation through hands-on experimentation and creativity.

The former computer lab will be more functional for the local history collection since it is a larger space for patrons doing research and is in closer proximity to the reference staff.

The former local history room will become the new teen lounge, giving the teens, ages 12-18, a safe, supportive, and positive space that is uniquely their own for gathering, playing games, and engaging in fun activities.  With the new dedicated space just for teens, they are hoping to draw more teens into the library and have them stay a while.

The public computers will be moved into the main area of the library near the Reference Desk for easy access to the reference staff for providing patrons with one-on-one help at the computers.

They are adding new seating on the West side of the building in front of the large windows that face North Main Street.  They see this as a great place for patrons to gather or to sit quietly reading a book while enjoying the view from the large windows at the front of the Library.

They are adding other improvements to mitigate future damage caused by extreme winter weather conditions like they experienced this past December. They have added more insulation, heat trace tape to the water lines, ceiling grates for heat to rise to the space above the ceiling, and additional heaters in the ceiling in the Southwest corner of the building that takes the brunt of the severe winter weather.

All these improvements are aimed at making the patron experience very enjoyable, and will be worth the wait.

For more information on the Library’s restoration project, please visit the FAQs page on the Library’s website which provides updates and photos of the restoration process,