Local Group Stands Against Indian Lake Solar Project


Just over 200 people showed up at Winners Harvest Barn, outside of DeGraff, last night to show their support of the Indian Lake Against Industrial Solar Group.

The event, hosted by Aubrey Snapp and her group of concerned citizens, invited Michael Wilson, Communications Director of the Logan County Electric Cooperative, to speak to the group about the growing concern about electrical rolling blackouts:

The Indian Lake Against Industrial Solar Group stands against the proposed solar project that Open Road Renewables calls the Grange Solar Project.

The project could bring up to 3,000 acres of solar panels to the Indian Lake area.

Indian Lake Against Industrial Solar Group’s mission is stated as:

“Our goal is to protect the integrity of our Lake and Community. The construction of thousands of acres of solar panels would greatly change our landscape. Therefore, directly affecting the value of homes, the livelihood of our local businesses, and the nostalgia of Indian Lake, many protected wildlife, historical landmarks, and expansive habitat dispersed throughout our charming community. These are all rare commodities. We need to conserve for our future generations. We are here to help empower the community and individuals who are passionate about preserving Indian Lake as a vibrant and thriving community that is enjoyed by all.”

Their concerns include:

  • Wildlife: damage to our natural habitats and wildlife due to the displacement and degradation of land.
  • Tourism: loss of tourism due to no longer being seen as a vacation destination and not having the nostalgia that Indian Lake currently offers.
  • Business: failing businesses from the decline of visitors to our area.
  • Loss of value: property depreciation due to the change of landscape from agricultural to commercial, visual degradation, and many other potential risks. Retirees and Lake homeowners will likely sell to find something more desirable.
  • Flooding: we live in a floodplain area with a watershed that would be gravely compromised from contamination and erosion seen in utility-scale solar farms. Millions of solar panels will cause drip lines which could lead to uncontrolled water runoff. This would not only affect our Lake but also our Rivers which feed into larger bodies of water.
  • Erosion: Leveling and grading land can cause soil erosion and eventually cause sediment to run off into our waterways. Too much sediment will disrupt ecosystems, hurt plants and animals, and potentially damage drinking water systems. On normal construction jobs, This is much easier to manage, but when dealing with $3,000 plus acres of soil, the risk of erosion greatly increases.
  • Community: This project is being strongly opposed by both residents and business owners. Moving forward would create chaos in our beloved community.

At the close of the meeting, Snapp gave a short presentation on where the group stands against the project.

See more about the Indian Lake Against Industrial Solar Group HERE.