Local Woman Lodged for Domestic Violence


Wednesday, Bellefontaine Police were called to a home in the 1000 block of Garfield Avenue for a domestic dispute.

When officers arrived on the scene Jennifer Nicole, 59, of Bellefontaine, was outside and told officers that the victim had locked her out of the home.

She stated that the victim came outside and attacked her.

Before she knew it, they were fighting.

Officers then spoke with the victim.

The victim told officers they accidentally locked Nichole out of the house, and realizing it they opened the door.

They claimed Nichole then charged them with a closed fist.

The pair went to the ground and continued to fight.

Officers observed the victim to have a long red scrape on their chest, and a bite mark on their rib area.

Nichole admitted to officers that she had bitten the victim.

She was then placed under arrest for domestic violence and lodged in the Logan County Jail.