Local Woman Steals Diapers and Wipes; Sells on Social Media


Bellefontaine Police Officers received a complaint Tuesday that a woman was stealing diapers from local stores and selling them on Facebook.

The identified, Jaime Harvey, 45, of Bellefontaine, pulled into her driveway as officers were at her residence.

She denied at first that she stole diapers and claimed she bought them at a local business.

Later, she admitted to stealing diapers and handed them over to the officers.

The police returned the items to the store and spoke with the business leader, who showed them surveillance video.

The video showed Harvey inside the store with a cart full of diapers, wipes, and a 24-pack of Budweiser in her cart which totaled over $175.

When faced with this new evidence, she turned the case of beer over to officials.

Harvey was issued a summons for theft.