Man Leaves Scene of Crash


By: Alli Harlan


On Saturday night, deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a crash on State Route 368 in Huntsville.

A witness claimed that a vehicle crossed the center line, went off the left side of the road, and hit a utility pole.

Deputies were advised that the driver, later identified as Shawn Shellenbarger, 51 of Belle Center, asked the witness to not contact law enforcement and they noted that he appeared to be intoxicated.

Once Shellenbarger knew law enforcement was en route, he ran away from the scene.

Deputies contacted the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office because that is where he resides.

Shellenbarger was unable to be reached.

Sunday, deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s office received a voicemail from him stating that he was in an accident the night before and that he doesn’t remember anything other than swerving because a car had come left of center.

Shellenbarger claimed he did not remember leaving, but he remembered walking and someone picking him up.

He thought it was a dream, but contacted authorities when he found his car was not in the garage.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the situation.