Mini Bakers take the cake


In the Home Goods Department of the Logan County Fair, the kids swept the show.

  • Grand Champion Cake- William Johnson
  • Reserve Champion cake- Marley Young
  • Grand Champion Cookies- Claire Tidwell
  • Reserve Champion cookies- Julianna Meddings
  • Grand Champion candy- Karly Holtkamp
  • Reserve Champion candy- Raina Young


Decorated Cakes:

4-6 years old

  • 1st Graysen Young
  • 2nd William Holtkamp
  • 3rd Imojene Meister

7-10 years old

  • 1st Hazel Rutan
  • 2nd Raina Young
  • 3rd Iris Meister

11-17years old

  • 1st Izabella Meister


Candy Results:


  • 1st Raina Young


  • 1st Karly Holtkamp
  • 2nd Julianna Meddings
  • 3rd Claire Tidwell


Cookie Results:

No Bake Cookies

  • 1st Julianna Meddings
  • 2nd Charlotte Turner
  • 3rd Graysen Young
  • 4th William Johnson

Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 1st Claire Tidwell
  • 2nd Karly Holtkamp
  • 3rd Keegan Lacher

Peanut Butter Blossoms

  • 1st Claire Tidwell

Sandwich cookies

  • 1st Marley Young
  • 2nd Claire Tidwell
  • 3rd Raina Young


Cake Results:

Chocolate Layer Cake

  • 1st William Johnson
  • 2nd Charlotte Turner
  • 3rd Alex Holtkamp
  • 4th Marley Young

Yellow Layer Cake

  • 1st William Johnson

Cake Pops

  • 1st Marley Young
  • 2nd Karly Holtkamp

Tie Dye Layer Cake

  • 1st Hazel Rutan
  • 2nd Marley Young
  • 3rd William Johnson
  • 4th Karly Holtkamp