UPDATE AUDIO INCLUDED: More Firefighters Resign; Lakeview Residents Concerned


Sunday, a large group of citizens gathered outside the Lakeview Fire Department to speak with Lakeview Mayor, Elaine Fagan Moore, at what they hoped to be a public meeting.

At the end of last week and over the weekend, a social media post swirled through the community claiming that the mayor had called a meeting with media and firefighters.

When media arrived on the scene they were told that the meeting would be closed to the public and not allowed in. Sheriff Randy Dodds consulted with Logan County Prosecutor, Eric Stewart, confirming that this would be lawful, and it was deemed so.

For over two hours media and community members waited for a statement about the current status of the Lakeview Fire Department and the village.

While waiting, I spoke with Lakeview Resident, Kayla Henson:

Partway through the meeting, two firemen exited. Benji Avila left in his personal vehicle, and Chad Kean came out the main doors of the facility telling the crowd that he had resigned.

Kean talks more:

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mayor Fagan Moore avoided press and public members.

I caught up with Lakeview Councilman, Randy Kaehler who said, ” This was a productive meeting, with good changes coming” When asked if he was referring to council/ administration he clarified that the Villiage of Lakeview has named Josh Oakley as the interim Fire Chief of Lakeview, and that was the change.

Later in a text message to me, Mayor Fagan-Moore said, “The Village of Lakeview is strong. The Fire Department has solidarity and everyone is ready to move forward. We are excited to rebuild our community from the tornado damage. It was good to hear the voices of our fire department and their willingness to do their job, serve the community, as they feel they were all called to do. We started our meeting in prayer and ended in prayer with our hands held around the table. It was very powerful and beautiful to witness. The solicitor will be releasing a statement in the future.”

Firefighters who resigned in the last week include Chad Kean, Eldon Stevens, Don Jacobs, Caiden Guantt, Zachary Perigo, Brandon Stevens, and Chief Norman Springs.