Obaugh, Finch, Peters, and Rogers take first in 4-H Cook-Off


The 20th annual 4-H Cook-Off took place Wednesday afternoon at the Champaign County Fair.

Dishes were available, after being judged, for tasting by the 4-H Cook-Off audience for $1.

Tasting samples of the dishes for the audience

All money collected is a donation to the 4-H FCS Committee to be used toward expenses of supplies, printing, and prizes.

Entries are judged based on seven standards regarding the appearance and taste of the dish.

For the awards, gift cards were donated anonymously for 1st and 2nd place for each division. A cookbook was given by the Designing Kids 4-H Club for 3rd place for each division.

Below are the results from the cook-off:

Beginner (Ages 8-10)

  • 1st Oliva Obaugh (Easy Banana Cream Pie)

Intermediate (Ages 11-13)

  • 1st Emily Finch (Banana Cake)
  • 2nd Hannah Bailey (Pizza Sliders)
  • 3rd Alice Rogers (Lemon Ricotta Cookies)

Senior (Ages 14 & older)

  • 1st Macy Peters (Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac and Cheese)
  • 2nd Sammy Dean (Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread)
  • 3rd Gabrielle Huffman (Buckeye Brownies)


  • 1st Elisabeth Rogers (Grandma Nahrwold’s Sugar Cookies)
  • 2nd Victoria Dean (Cookie Crust Cheesecake Dessert)
  • 3rd Gina Holliday (Fruit Salad)

Below are all the cook-off participants:


  • Easy Banana Cream Pie, by Oliva Obaugh, Designing Kids 4-H Club


  • Pizza Sliders, by Hannah Bailey, Burg Boers & Beyond 4-H Club
  • Banana Cake, by Emily Finch, Designing Kids 4-H Club
  • Lemon Ricotta Cookies, by Alice Rogers, Designing Kids 4-H Club


  • Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread, by Sammy Dean, Pens Pans & Needles 4-H Club
  • Buckeye Brownies, by Gabrielle Huffman, Stitches N Stuff 4-H Club
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac and Cheese, by Macy Peters, Designing Kids 4-H Club


  • Cheesy Meatball Casserole, by Shannon Bodey, Designing Kids 4-H Club
  • Cookie Crust Cheesecake Dessert, by Victoria Dean, Pens Pans & Needles 4-H Club
  • Fruit Salad, by Gina Holliday, Designing Kids 4-H Club
  • Creamy Crock Pot Mexican Potatoes, by Shonda Hoops, Shear Talent 4-H Club
  • Grandma Nahrwold’s Sugar Cookies, by Elisabeth Rogers, Designing Kids 4-H Club