Realtor Surprised by Unexpected Guest


By: Alli Harlan

On Saturday night, the Bellefontaine Police Department responded to a trespassing complaint in the 900 block of Township Road 179.

A Realtor was at the home to show it to clients when a woman came to the door in a bathrobe.

According to the Realtor, the home has been for sale for 200 days, is supposed to be empty, and does not have running water.

The woman staying at the house stated that she had paid a gentleman five hundred dollars to live there as a house manager.

A Craigslist ad listed the home, offering it for rent to people who had been sober for a year, for one hundred fifty dollars a week.

The man claimed to be the property owner’s nephew and his power of attorney.

Officers spoke to him on the phone and he admitted that someone was staying there and that he had taken the for sale sign down.

The homeowner was contacted and said that no one should have been in the home and it is still for sale.

The incident was noted and remains under investigation.