Reames Voted President OHP BOE


The Ohio High Point JVS had its first meeting of 2023 on Wednesday evening.

At the top of the agenda was an organizational meeting.

The board then went on to nominate and approved Anne Reames as returning President, and Matt McConnell as Vice-President. Tentative dates for board meetings are as follows:

  • February 15th, Investment review work session at 6:30 PM
  • February 22nd at 7 PM
  • March 22nd at 7 PM
  • April 26th at 7 PM
  • May 17th, Strategic update/5-year forecast work session at 6:30 PM
  • May 24th to follow convocation at 7:30 PM
  • June 28th at 7 PM
  • July 26th at 7 PM
  • August 16th, investment review work session, at 6:30 PM
  • August 23rd at 7 PM
  • September 27th, 7 PM
  • October 18th, Strategic update/5-year forecast work session at 6:30 PM
  • October 25th, 7 PM
  • November 15th, 7 PM
  • December 13th, 7 PM

The board then adopted existing bylaws and policies, adopted Robert’s rules of order, authorized the superintendent to serve as the 2023 administrative official for the state and federal funds, authorized the superintendent to act on behalf of all Enterprise zone community reinvestment negotiations and agreements, otherwise is superintendent and treasure to submit proposals, authorized the treasurer to utilize and operate purchasing card program, and approved the superintendent or the treasurer as the board of education representatives to fulfill HB9 public records training requirement.

The BOE appointed Scott Staley as the legislative liaison representative to the Ohio boards association for a 3-year term. 

Superintendent, Dr. Rick Smith, give a district update. The January students of the month are Sierra Saylor, animal science, Kenton High School, and Ethan Hyder, structural construction, Benjamin Logan High School. The January 2023 high school staff member of the month is Tammy Newland, health careers academy instructor.

Dr. Smith went on to tell the board about a committee that has been formed, to facilitate an event that will be happening on April 8th, 2024 in relation to the solar eclipse. Dr. Smith said that they are working on entertainment, food, and “Controlling the possible chaos.”

Dr. Smith thanked the board for their continued support of the district. January is school board appreciation month and Kelsey Webb, the district’s public relations coordinator, had these sentiments.

The board went on to approve out-of-state trips for several students within the district. 20 students will participate in the Deca international career development conference in Orlando Florida from April 24th through April 28th, 2003. 20 students will be participating in the HOSA National conference in Dallas Texas June 21st through 24th 2003. 15 students will be participating in the FCCLA national leadership conference in Denver Colorado, from July 1st through 7th 2023. 35 students will be participating in the BPA National conference in Anaheim California, from April 25th through May 1st, 2023. Five students will be participating in the SkillsUSA national conference in Atlanta Georgia from June 18th through 24th 2023. 

Wrapping up the board of education meeting, approval for real property tax exemption was approved for the cobblestone hotel in Bellefontaine and the cobblestone hotel at Indian Lake.

The board of education then went into an executive session to discuss specialized details of security arrangements. 

You can catch the next board of education meeting in meeting room three on February 22nd at 7:00 PM.