Smalley Lodged on Drug Charges Saturday


Saturday afternoon, deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office stopped Joseph Smalley, 53, of Lakeview.

His windshield was cracked and he was driving on expired tags.

Seeming overly nervous about the stop, deputies asked Smalley if he had anything illegal in the vehicle and he stated there was not.

Smalley then handed the deputy a small amount of marijuana from his pocket.

During a search of his vehicle, a straw and container with a white powdery substance were found.

Smalley admitted that the powder was cocaine.

He was placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail.

Once at the jail, Smalley was reminded that he needed to disclose if he had anything illegal on his person.

He claimed he did not have anything else to hide, but when he was searched, jail personnel found a small baggie of white powdery substance in his front pants pocket.

Smalley was lodged for possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence, and illegal conveyance.