Traffic Stop Turns Into Drug Arrest


A standard traffic stop by Logan County Sheriff’s Deputies Friday resulted in a drug arrest.

Sara Groves, 36, of Lima, was pulled over by deputies driving south on State Route 235 near County Road 87. The initial cause for the stop was due to an excessively loud exhaust pipe on her white van.

When deputies approached the vehicle they noticed several occupants in the back of the vehicle. The occupants were holding a portion of the exhaust pipe and explained they were going to fix the vehicle.

While interviewing Groves, deputies noticed she was excessively nervous and continually looking away from them.

In a search of the vehicle, two uncontained pills, later found to be Gabapentin, and the cap to a syringe were found.

While searching Groves before taking her into custody, deputies found marijuana and a small baggie containing a white powdery substance.

Groves was arrested and charged with felony possession of controlled substances and tampering with evidence.

She was lodged in the Logan County Jail.