Urbana Fire on Pullins Drive Thursday


Just before 8:30 PM Thursday, Urbana Fire Department’s A Shift received a call for service for a fire in a structure in the 2000 block of Pullins Drive.

The assignment included Battalion 1 (B1), Engine 1 (E1), and Tanker 1 (T1).

The Division received mutual aid from JSP, Mechanicsburg, Northeast Champaign County, and West Liberty Fire from Logan County.

B1 arrived on the scene first at 2033, marked it a working fire, and ordered a defensive attack from E1 with T1 providing water support.

A defensive fire attack is a firefighting strategy employed when the structure is considered too hazardous for firefighters to enter due to the amount of fire involvement and the structural stability is in question from fire damage.

Large hose lines from the outside are deployed to stop the spread and extinguish the fire.

When a defensive fire attack is initiated, the building is considered uninhabitable and void of life.

After the fire was dispatched an EMS call for service in Urbana was initiated and handled by Macochee Joint Ambulance District.

Off-duty personnel were recalled and responded to one additional EMS incident in Urbana during the fire.

The fire was marked under control at 9:42 PM.

There were no firefighters or civilian injuries reported and the structure received considerable smoke and fire damage.

The Urbana Fire Division appreciates the assistance it received from all responding EMS and fire departments, Box 13, Dispatch, Pioneer Electric, and Red Cross.

The cause of the fire is being investigated by Urbana Fire and the State of Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office.

A damage assessment, which will place a value on the fire loss is still being evaluated.