Wilson Lands in Jail Wednesday Evening


Crystal Wilson, 33, of Rushsylvania, landed in the Logan County Jail Wednesday evening.

Logan County Sheriff Deputies responded to a Rushsylvania home about a well-being check.

When they arrived on the scene, a car was in the driveway, attempting to back out.

Wilson was behind the vehicle, trying to keep it from leaving.

Deputies arrested her and placed her in the back of their cruiser.

The victim stated that, while inside the home, Wilson had become violent with them.

They went on to claim that Wilson had struck them, head-butted them, spit on them, and screamed at them.

Deputies noted the victim had several injuries, and dents in the back of their car.

Wilson’s children were inside the home at the time of the incident.

While en route to the jail, Wilson appeared to have a seizure and was transported to Mary Rutan Hospital.

She was medically cleared at the hospital, transported to the Logan County Jail, and charged with disrupting public services.

Other possible charges are pending.