Area players named to All-Southwest District football teams


Several local football players were named to the All-Southwest District football teams.

Division III

First Team Offense

Backfield: Tavien St. Clair (Bellefontaine)

Receivers: CJ Wilson (Bellefontaine)

First Team Defense

Linemen: Sullivan Ashcraft (Bellefontaine)

Linebackers: Alex Caudill (Bellefontaine)

Second Team Offense

Backfield: Chris Fogan (Bellefontaine)

Second Team Defense

Linemen: Haiden Manns (Bellefontaine)

Honorable Mention: Riley Neer (Bellefontaine)

Division IV

Coach of the year: Carleton Cotner (Urbana)

First Team Offense

Backfield: Will Donahoe (Urbana) and Eli Hollingsworth (Graham)

Receivers: Jonathan Hildebrand (Urbana), Elijah Jacks (Graham), Ryan Stevens (Graham), and Breydon Webb (Urbana)

First Team Defense

Linebackers: Rayvon Rogan (Urbana)

Second Team Offense:

Backfield: Kam Allen and Trevor Berry (Benjamin Logan)

Receivers: Sam Whitten (Benjamin Logan)

Linemen: Luke Hemmelgarn (Benjamin Logan)

Second Team Defense

Linemen: Shane Davenport (Urbana)

Secondary: Preston Bothel (Benjamin Logan)

Honorable Mention: Landon Key (Urbana)

Division VI

First Team Offense

Backfield: Gabe McGill (West Liberty-Salem) and Awesom Mitchell (Triad)

Linemen: Wylie Harbour (West Liberty-Salem) and Michael Warner (Triad)

First Team Defense

Linebackers: Josh Wilcoxon (West Liberty-Salem)

Division VII

First Team Offense

Backfield: Myles Platfoot and Warren Shockey (Riverside)

Linemen: Kaleb Schindewolf (Riverside)

First Team Defense

Secondary: Simon Godwin (Riverside)