Middle School Basketball Results from Thursday


The Indian Lake 7th-grade boys basketball team defeated Bellefontaine Thursday, 28-17.

Leading the Lakers was Nixon Lillard netting 13 points, and Alex Tussing assed 8.

The 8th-grade team fell to Bellefontaine 31-16.

The Lake was led by Reed Strayer who scored 8 points.

Reign St. Clair led the Chiefs with 14 points.


Urbana‘s 7th-grade team defeated Graham 37-25.

Carter Houseman and Mekhi Peterson both scored 11 points and Tate Lantz netted 10.

The Urbana 8th-grade boy’s team defeated Graham 59-25.

Roman Swain scored 14 points, Drew Dixon netted 10, and Braxten Spriggs added 9 points.


West Liberty-Salem 7th Grade Boy’s Basketball: 43-31 win vs Madison-Plains

  • Brandel Sullivan:21 pts
  • Tyler Hershberger: 6 pts
  • Eli Jones: 5 pts
  • Rylan Leichty: 5 pts
  • Nathan Shivley: 4 pts
  • Isaiah Barth: 2 pts

West Liberty-Salem 8th Grade Boy’s Basketball: 44-18 win vs Madison-Plains

  • Beckett Sullivan: 15 pts
  • Asher Cole: 9 pts
  • Liam Barger: 6 pts
  • Owen Hardwick: 4 pts
  • Ezekiel Longshore: 2 pts
  • Elijah Filio: 2 pts
  • Reagan McCollough: 2 pts


The 7th-grade Lady Raiders fell Thursday night at North Union 31-17.

A slow start out the gate as the Raiders fell 7-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Jozie Taylor paced the Raiders with 8, and Brielle Kline had 4.

Raiders are 4-3 and play Graham at home on Monday night.

8th Grade Lady Raiders battled North Union all night and came up short 40-35.

Haley Smith started slow but scored 17 of her game-high 19 in the 2nd half hitting a couple of big shots to keep the game close in the final minute.

Brileigh Burnside had 8 points.


The 7th-grade Lady Tigers fell to Madison Plains 44-16.

Scoring for the Tigers:

  • Ashlyn Yeater, 4 points
  • Ella Jacobs, 2 points
  • Ava Martin, 2 points
  • Mia Dooley, 2 points

West Liberty-Salem’s 8th-grade girls defeated Madison Plains 53-49.

Leading the Tigers:

  • Arianna Weaver, 16 points
  • Addi Wallen, 14 points
  • Ellery Wygal, 10 points
  • Lucy Cole, 9 points
  • Emma Schmelzer, 3 points
  • Nevaeh Gravely, 2 points


The 7th-grade Lady Lakers lost to Bellefontaine 42-15.

Laura Metzger scored 9 points, Makayle Clary scored 4 points and Anna Smith had 2 points.

Leading the Chiefs was Mia Brown with 14 points while creating 10 steals.

Lexey Brown, Cameo Greene, and Paxton Stewart combined for 18 points.

Willow Havens, Rylee Crabtree, and Kylin Williams rounded out the scoring for the Lady Chiefs.

The Indian Lake 8th grade girls basketball team defeated Bellefontaine 22-14.

Leading the way for the Lakers was Rya Pequignot who scored 9 points.

Alivia Kinney scored 5 points, had 4 steals, and 3 assists.

Brylee Buyer scored 4 points, had 8 rebounds, and 4 steals.

Madison Davis scored 4 points.

Leading the Chiefs with 6 points was Sloan Stolly.

Tabby Thomas added 5 points and 3 rebounds.

Joy Fogan added 2 points and hauled down 8 rebounds.

Hailey Agustus added 1 point.

Amari Hunsicker hauled down 5 rebounds.


The 7th-grade Lady Pirates lost to Milton Union.

Morgan Klingelhofer had 11 points and Eva Dodds netted 2 points and 11 rebounds.

The 8th-grade Lady Pirates improved to overall 5-3 and 4-3 in the TRC with a win over Milton Union 25-6.

Kenzie Stotler led the Pirates with 12 points.

Valerie Knight had 6 points and 5 rebounds.

Molly Carman added 5 points and 6 rebounds.

Chloe Purtee had 2 points.