Middle School Lady Dribblers Battle on the Court


On Saturday the Calvary Christian Spartans Jr. high girls basketball team had a tough loss against East Dayton Christian 9-17.

Leading the Spartans:

  • Alyssa Wylie, 7 points
  • Destiny Mathys, 2 points and 6 rebounds.


The 7th grade Lady Raiders beat Graham 42-10.

Leading the team:

  • Paislee Rodenberger, 14 points
  • Jozie Taylor, 9 points
  • Addy Rutherford, 8 points
  • Brielle Kline, 6 points
  • Hayden McCoy, 2 points
  • Olivia Titus, 2 points
  • Marley Shields, 1 points

Ben Logan is now 5-3 on the season.


The 8th grade Lady Raiders beat Graham 36-11.

Scoring for the Raiders:

  • Brileigh Burnside, 12 points
  • Brooke Slygh, 4 points
  • Daylin Varner, 9 points
  • Maddie Shields, 2 points
  • Hailey Smith, 9 points

Ben Logan moves to 3-5 on the season.


The 7th grade Lady Chiefs fell 30-22 to Urbana Monday night.

Mia Brown paced the Lady Chiefs with 9 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals on the night.

Paxton Stewart contributed 4 points with 3 additional steals.

Annie Clem, Cameo Greene, Rylee Crabtree, and Lexey Brown rounded out the scoring.

The 7th grade falls to 6-3 on the season and will travel to Tecumseh on Thursday night.


In a physical battle, the 8th-grade Lady Chiefs came out victorious versus Urbana 17-12.

Pacing the Chiefs was Vanessa Friedrich with 7 points.

Sloan Stolly scored 2 points but had tenacious defensive with 12 steals and created many more turnovers.

Ava Oppy and Amari Hunsicker added 2 points and solid defense.

Joy Fogan added 2 points and 7 rebounds.

Tabby Thomas, Hailey Agustus, and Ximena Marquez added solid minutes on the court.

The Chiefs travel to Tecumseh on Thursday.

In the 7th grade game, Indian Lake was defeated 49-11 by North Union.

Kyler Carruthers scored 9 points and had 5 rebounds.

Makayle Clary scored 2 points.

Audra Harford grabbed 5 rebounds.


The Indian Lake 8th grade girls basketball team was defeated by North Union 29-23.

Rya Pequignot scored 6 points, had 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

Alivia Kinney scored 5 points, had 4 rebounds and 4 steals.

Brylee Buyer had 4 points and 4 rebounds, Ava Phillips scored 4 points, Madison Davis scored 2 points, Bre Wisener and Lillian Strauser scored 1 point each.


The 7th grade West Liberty-Salem girls defeated South Eastern 46-9.

Leading the Tigers:

  • Karlee Lucas, 15 points
  • Ashlyn Yeater, 12 points
  • Emily King, 7 points
  • Ella Jacobs, 4 points
  • Mia Dooley, 2 points
  • Makayla Moffitt, 2 points


The 8th-grade West Liberty-Salem team defeated Southeastern 52-17.

Scoring for the Tigers:

  • Arianna Weaver, 16 points
  • Ellery Wygal, 14 points
  • Lucy Cole, 9 points
  • Nevaeh Gravely, 4 points
  • Emma Schmelzer, 3 points
  • Olivia McQuinn, 2 points
  • Delaney Anane-Sefah, 2 points
  • Addi Wallen, 2 points