Weekend swimming results

Area swim teams hit the pool over the weekend.

Bellefontaine took on Sidney for their final dual meet of the season.

The Lady Chiefs won 143-123 and the Chieftain boys tied the Yellow Jackets.

Bellefontaine girls:

Medley Relay A – 1st – Maddie Ullom, Elaina Ullom, Morgan Henry, Joslyn Robinson

Medley Relay B – 3rd – Kate Myers, Ashton Carey, Kaeleigh Flora, Zoey Rister

200 Free Relay A – 2nd – Olivia Ullom, Ashton Carey, Zoey Rister, Morgan Henry

200 Free Relay B – 4th – Alexis Buffkin, Claire McDaniel, Emma Merrin, Gillian Steele

400 Free Relay A – 1st – Joslyn Robinson, Elaina Ullom, Kate Myers, Olivia Ullom

400 Free Relay B – Emma Merrin, Kaeleigh Flora, Gillian Steele, Maddie Ullom

Olivia Ullom – 1st 200 Free (PR), 1st 100 Breast

Kate Myers – 2nd 200 Free, 3rd 100 Back

Joslyn Robinson – 1st 200 IM, 2nd 100 Free

Kaeleigh Flora – 3rd 200 IM

Elaina Ullom – 2nd 50 Free, 2nd 100 Breast

Gillian Steele – 5th 50 Free

Morgan Henry – 1st 100 Fly, 1st 100 Back

Emma Merrin – 4th 100 Fly

Zoey Rister – 5th 100 Free

Ashton Carey – 1st 500 Free

Alexis Buffkin – 3rd 500 Free

“It was good to get our swimmers back in competition,” said Head Coach Sharon Lewis. “We took this opportunity to try some different relay combinations and try some new events for a few of our swimmers.”

Chieftain boys:

Medley Relay A – 1st – Blake McDonald, Aidan Mifsud, Elias Abrego, John Fulmer

Medley B – 2nd – Beckham Harman, Cody Hudson, Cooper Harman, Devin George

200 Free Relay A – 2nd – Aidan Mifsud, Nolan Core, Elias Abrego, Blake McDonald

200 Free Relay B – 4th – Ryan Alexander, Cody Hudson, Devin George, Beckham Harman

400 Free Relay – 2nd – Nolan Core, Cooper Harman, Ryan Alexander, John Fulmer

Elias Abrego – 1st 200 Free (PR), 3rd 100 Free (PR)

Nolan Core – 2nd 200 Free (PR), 1st 100 Fly

Aidan Mifsud – 2nd 200 IM, 2nd 100 Free (PR)

Cooper Harman – 4th 200 IM, 1st 500 Free (PR)

Blake McDonald – 2nd 50 Free, 2nd 100 Back

John Fulmer – 3rd 50 Free, 3rd 100 Back

Ryan Alexander – 3rd 500 Free

Cody Hudson – 1st 100 Breast

“It was good to have the team back in competition tonight,” said Coach Lewis. “We were able to mix up our events and relays and just compete.”

Bellefontaine now moves into CBC week with the meet set for this Friday at Trotwood-Madison.

Benjamin Logan competed at the competitive St. Henry/St. Marys Mini Invitational held in Celina.

The boys placed 3rd out of 9 teams.

Scoring for the Raiders:

200 Medley Relay (5th) Luke McKenrick, Robert Leezer, Liam Sweeney, Landon Braddock

200 Free Relay (5th) Robert Leezer, Jerrik Stephens, Utah Coleman, Landon Braddock

400 Free Relay (5th) Luke McKenrick, Jerrik Stephens, Utah Coleman, Liam Sweeney

Robert Leezer – 5th 50 Free, 2nd 100 Breast

Luke McKenrick – 3rd 100 Free, 5th 100 Back

Finch Hone – 3rd 200 Free

Liam Sweeney – 7th 100 IM, 7th 100 Free

Jerrik Stephens – 5th 100 Fly

Taavo Simovart – 5th 500 Free

Utah Coleman – 8th 200 Free

Carter Daniels – 8th 200 IM

The Lady Raiders were missing quite a few swimmers due to other commitments and faced a tough field of 11 teams. Although they didn’t score any points, the girls gained valuable pool experience leading up to the end of the season.

In swimming action from Friday, Team Champ competed at the Champaign Family YMCA in Urbana and also honored their seniors.

Team Champ consists of teams from Graham, London, Mechanicsburg, and West Liberty-Salem.

For the girls, Northwestern won the 8-team meet. Graham took 4th, Mechanicsburg was 5th, and West Liberty-Salem was 6th.


200 Medley Relay – Jordan Monaghan, Grace Smith, Hannah Volp, and Emma Bost – (2:32.85) 2nd

200 Freestyle – Tiffany Carter (2:58.58) 6th and Nora Uhl (3:12.73) 7th

50 Freestyle – Emma Bost (32.61) 7th, Ella Wensing (37.70) 12th, Grace Smith (38.98) 16th, and Eliza Blosser (45.17) 22nd

100 Freestyle – Emma Bost (1:12.76) 5th, Jordan Monaghan (1:16.17) 7th, Hannah Volp (1:19.31) 9th, Tiffany Carter (1:22.40) 10th, Ella Wensing (1:24.71) 11th, and Eliza Blosser (1:46.05) 16th

500 Freestyle – Nora Uhl (8:29.96) 7th

200 Freestyle Relay – Jordan Monaghan, Tiffany Carter, Ella Wensing, and Nora Uhl (2:24.61) 4th

100 Backstroke – Jordan Monaghan (1:29.22) 4th

100 Breaststroke – Grace Smith (1:39.33) 6th

400 Freestyle Relay – Emma Bost, Tiffany Carter, Nora Uhl, and Hannah Volp (5:19.84) 3rd


200 Medley Relay – Asher Daniels, Kendall Rausch, Alekah Daniels, Bailey Stapleton (2:34.03) 3rd

50 Freestyle – Asher Daniels (39.39) 17th, Bailey Stapleton (39.50) 18th, and Kendall Rausch (40.87) 19th

100 Freestyle – Bailey Stapleton (1:36.95) 14th

500 Freestyle – Alekah Daniels (6:07.75) 1st

200 Freestyle Relay – Alekah Daniels, Kendall Rausch, Bailey Stapleton, Asher Daniels (2:26.16) 5th

100 Breaststroke – Alekah Daniels (1:27.86) 4th and Kendall Rausch (1:40.31) 8th

West Liberty-Salem:

200 Freestyle – Lilly Smith (2:28.82) 1st and Laney Craig (2:52.78) 5th

50 Freestyle –  Tina Douthwaite (30.10) 2nd

100 Freestyle – Lilly Smith (1:07.47) 2nd and Tina Douthwaite (1:09.36) 3rd

500 Freestyle – Laney Craig (7:55.83) 6th

On the boys’ side, London won the meet, Graham took 3rd, and West Liberty-Salem finished 6th.

For the boys the following results included:


200 Freestyle – Thomas Neff (2:15.43) 3rd, Caleb Owens (2:28.46) 5th and Tyler Shefbuch (3:08.81) 10th

50 Freestyle – Jack Boggs (25.05) 1st, Malachi Teets (32.89) 9th, Weston Helman (34.56) 11th, and Tyler Shefbuch (38.79) 14th

100 Freestyle – Jack Boggs (56.29) 2nd and Caleb Owens (1:05.28) 6th

500 Freestyle – Thomas Neff (6:17.27) 2nd

200 Freestyle Relay – Caleb Owens, Tyler Shefbuch, Weston Helman, and Braden Bost (2:10.57) 5th

100 Backstroke – Malachi Teets (1:32.26) 5th and Weston Helman (1:54.71) 8th

100 Breaststroke – Braden Bost (1:47.51) 6th

400 Freestyle Relay – Jack Boggs, Caleb Owens, Braden Bost, and Thomas Neff (4:05.62) 1st

West Liberty Salem:

200 Freestyle – Kam Hissong (2:47.75) 8th

100 Freestyle – Kam Hissong (1:11.23) 9th

Overall, Graham placed 2nd out of 8 teams.

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