Benjamin Logan FFA Builds Boardwalk


Article Written By: Benjamin Logan FFA Officer, Lylli Kelley


The Benjamin Logan FFA Chapter created a beautiful wetland boardwalk for the school farm at Benjamin Logan School District.

The FFA members took on this laborious task in order to create a safer and more pleasant environment for themselves and the younger generations that will follow them.

Ag Capstone students planned, outlined, and designed the wetland boardwalk and then every current member in an Agricultural course helped to carry out the given task before school, during class, and after school.

Community members, representing Alexander Concrete, donated their time to help dig holes that were used as the base for the boardwalk.

The FFA members enjoyed getting to work outside while completing their given goal: to restore the Benjamin Logan School District Wetlands back to a usable, effective, and clean condition.

The short-term objectives that the students needed to accomplish in order to reach the overall objective were to rebuild the boardwalk, replace plates in the water retention system, cut overgrown branches, and maintain safety.

The students accomplished these goals by working to build the dock as a team who listened to each other’s ideas and solutions to presented problems, weed-eating around the dock, and installing new retention systems for the wetland.

These objectives taught students many needed hard and soft skills.

Some of these skills included working as a team, problem-solving, tool management and usage, and how to properly use a retention system in a wetland.

These skills will later help students receive jobs throughout the agriculture industry, and other industries as well.

Funding for the project was provided in part by the Logan County Farm Bureau Impact Fund.