Benjamin Logan hosts Art, Music and Tech festival


Students at Benjamin Logan Schools showcased their artistic and musical talents on Saturday.

A huge crowd attended the annual Art, Music and Tech festival to celebrate the talented students by viewing their art — traditional and digital, listening to music by the choirs and bands as well as watching tech demonstrations.

The artwork was on display throughout all three buildings including the new mosaic which was revealed during the event (pictured above).

Senior Isaiah Stanford designed a mosaic for the garden area of the high school. He wanted to leave a permanent artwork that involved the senior class. The tree in the mosaic represents the seniors taking root as freshmen, growing through the years, and like the leaves flying away…now as graduates, moving on to the next adventures in their lives. The rays of the sun/moon appear as a pinwheel of sorts, moving with the leaves.

Seniors came to the art room to assist with the mosaic-making process. The art students were huge contributors to the project. Jillian Plikerd did much of the mosaic work on the sun. Alanna Gibson also played a huge role in the mosaic and the installation. Mrs. Davis and Isaiah are thankful to all of the students that assisted.

Mrs. Davis received two grants from the Logan County Education Foundation which assisted greatly with the budget of such a huge project. The senior class also made a contribution. The grants paid for much of the supplies and also the artist residency with mosaic artist Vicki Murphy. Ms. Murphy assisted the students and Mrs. Davis for five days of their year-long mosaic journey.

Parents, grandparents, and community members viewed the artwork and enjoyed choir and band performances led by Tyler Young (K-4), Maggie Bowlby (5-8), Michael Dove (5-12), and Myles Bowers (9-12).

The art educators at Benjamin Logan Schools are Darrin Reese (K-4), Jane Hough (5-8), Jennifer Grube (7-12), and Jennifer Davis (9-12).

Area food truck vendors were invited to the festival to serve guests in the bus circle.

Submitted by Sally Stolly