Benjamin Logan Taps New Music Honor Society Members


By: Izik Cox

Benjamin Logan High School’s Tri-M Music National Honor Society Chapter inducted 7 new students to the Society Tuesday evening with the public in attendance.

New Benjamin Logan Tri-M Chapter Members are listed below:

  • Eric Hughes
  • Lorali Klopfenstein
  • Savannah Pugh
  • Landon Stoodt
  • Rylie Thomas
  • Ethan VanWinkle
  • Greyson Wagoner

Tri-M’s continuing members were also present at the induction, their names are also listed below.

  • Tyler Barnes
  • Izik Cox
  • Kelley Forsythe
  • Kate Hahn
  • Jacey Koehler
  • Isabella Lowe
  • Hannah Phillips
  • Claire Rhodes
  • Lily Rudolph
  • Britny Sliker
  • Sadie Staats
  • Harry Stratton
  • Dylan Vance
  • Katherine Vickroy
  • Mason Welty

Benjamin Logan High School Band Director Mr. Myles Bowers commenced the induction with information about the Tri-M Chapter and expressed his gratitude for his students and their musical accomplishments. Bowers was emphatic when saying “These students have made music a guiding influence in their educational endeavors.” After opening remarks, Tri-M President Katherine Vickroy welcomed her guests to the important occasion and announced a new slate of Tri-M officers, recently elected by peer vote.

  • Katherine Vickroy – President
  • Hannah Phillips – Vice President
  • Kelley Forsythe – Secretary
  • Kate Hahn – Historian

Vice President Hannah Phillips spoke at the podium to explain to the audience what the first “M” of Tri-M stands for, Modern. With every new generation of music, that music is perceived as “modern.” With every new generation of students, those students are perceived as modern. Therefore, this student-led organization with always be characterized as “modern.”

Secretary Kelley Forsythe examined the second “M” in Tri-M, being “Music.” Music is the very basis of the organization, Forsythe even hinting at music being a “Universal Language” referring to music existing prior to even written language.

Historian Kate Hahn was invited to dissect the third and final “M,” Master. The term “master” is defined by the Tri-M curriculum as someone or something that has achieved a high level of proficiency in a certain talent or art. In this case, it’d be music!

President Vickroy once again stepped to the podium and announced the new inductees to the program, as well as personally provided their certificates to the different officers to pass out to the inductees. Following the reception of certificates, the candidates rose from their seats to recite the Tri-M pledge to “show their willingness to carry out the principles of the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Mr. Myles Bowers then culminated the program with congratulations to the families of the inductees and welcomed the candidates to the Tri-M family. After closing remarks, the Tri-M chapter, and guests were invited to the lobby for light refreshments.

Tri-M inductions only take place annually and require different curricula to be accepted.