BHS Set to Present Bye Bye Birdie


Bellefontaine High School will present its annual spring musical this weekend.

BHS will present Bye Bye Birdie on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 in the high school auditorium.

The story is about Albert Peterson and Rosie Alvarez trying to figure out what to do when their star musical client, Conrad Birdie, is drafted into the army. Their plan is to have him kiss a fan, selected at random, as a “goodbye” just before his departure. The main storyline follows Albert and Rose to Sweet Apple, Ohio, to carry out their plan. However, things do not go entirely according to plan, and the town of Sweet Apple is thrown into chaos.

Tickets can be ordered at

You can also call 937-592-2620 to place an order. Tickets are $10 each.

The large cast has been rehearsing since December.

BHS Director Brice Henry said, “This cast is full of talent that has grown and developed throughout the rehearsals. They continue to improve and perfect what is sure to be a thoroughly entertaining production.”

Brian Hogan is the assistant director.

Other leaders include Keri Fergus (costumes), Jere Daniels (lights), Quinten James (sound), Chelsea Jay (orchestra pit director), Robin Henry (set designer), and Trinity Floyd and Maverick Aldo (choreographers).

Here’s a list of the cast members:

Principal Characters

  • Conrad Birdie – Brody Boy
  • Albert Peterson – Hunter Kerns
  • Rose Alvarez – Haidyn Bruce
  • Kim MacAfee – Elliett Lang
  • Ursula Merkle – Lauren Valdez
  • Mrs. MacAfee – Perri Neeld
  • Mr. MacAfee – Blaine Mitchell
  • Randolph MacAfee – Jake Moreland
  • Hugo Peabody – Ryan Alexander

Teen Chorus

  • Helen – Kadence Jones
  • Nancy – Ella Fultz
  • Alice – Genevieve Wickham
  • Margie – Summer Maley
  • Harvey Johnson – Tristyn Wilson
  • Deborah Sue – Avari Jacobs
  • Freddie – Mason Swisher
  • Lee – Emma Merrin
  • Phyllis – Jai Abhyankar
  • Penelope – Kyndal Newkirk
  • Karl – Bryson Chrisman
  • Suzie – Ava Kunze
  • “Happy Face Dancers” – Callie Shumaker, Kayla Sellars

Adult Chorus

  • Mrs. Mae Peterson – Lexi Buffkin
  • Mayor – Ollie Moreland
  • Mayor’s Wife – Lilly Hudson
  • Mrs. Merkle – Emily Taylor
  • Gloria Rasputin – Emily Taylor
  • Mr. Johnson – Bryson Chrisman
  • Maude – Emma Suman
  • Reporters – Thessaly Reminder, Alex Priest
  • Traveler – Kari Reynolds-Wickline
  • Maude’s Dishwasher – Kyndal Newkirk
  • Maude’s First Customer – Ollie Moreland
  • Trainman – Tyler Bond
  • Conrad’s Guitar Man – Tristyn Wilson
  • Stage Crew for TV Show – Hailey Coe, Roche Bray, Gracie Wickham, Kahanna Dixon, Olivia Dearwester
  • Doctor – Jas Maier
  • Sweet Apple Shriners
  • Sweet Apple Parent – Cass DeLong

Stage Crew

  • Alayna Robinson
  • Ashton Carey
  • Natalie Snapp
  • Anna Myers

Friday morning we caught up with a few members of the cast: