Farm Bureau Holds Reverse Raffle


Recently the Logan County Farm Bureau held its annual Agriculture Impact Fund Reverse Raffle.

The event is in its sixth year and has a longstanding goal of growing the Logan County Agriculture Impact Grant Fund.

The fund is used to improve the agricultural footprint for the youth in our county, by providing classroom/club mini-grants, larger project grants, and scholarships.

In their entirety, they have provided close to $60,000 for these programs that focus on Logan County youth and their involvement in the agriculture industry.

“We are excited to announce that this year’s raffle raised over $17,000.00!” said Joel Penhorwood, Logan County Farm Bureau President. “We are excited to be able to offer this money back to our community.”

The raffle also pledged the money earned from the sale of the 250th ticket to the Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund.

The sale yielded $2400.00, and the Logan Co. Farm Bureau pledged an additional $1,000 to the efforts.

Bud Jackson (pictured below with Penhorwood) purchased that ticket.