Hall wins Gilt Grand Champion


Cale Hall was crowned the 2023 Champaign County Fair Junior Gilt Show Grand Champion Monday morning. His gilt was selected as the best of 27 classes. The Reserve Champion was Dena Wilson. Below is the complete rundown of the competition.

Grand Champion – Cale Hall

Reserve Champion – Dena Wilson

Dena Wilson and family

3rd Overall – Cale Hall

4th Overall – Kendall Thomas

5th Overall – Solly Warye

Class 1

1st Ella Conley

2nd Myah Bandy

Class 2

1st Isabelle Wilson

2nd Ryleigh Schafer

Class 3

1st Landree Bacher

2nd Ella Conley

Class 4

1st Dezmond Taylor

2nd Maci Runkle

Class 5

1st Maci Runkle

2nd Madison Ripley

Division I Champion

Maci Runkle

Division I Reserve Champion

Madison Ripley

Class 6

1st Isabelle Wilson

2nd Lila Wilson

Scramble Champion

Isabelle Wilson

Scramble Reserve Champion

Lila Wilson

Class 7

1st Wesley Bailey

2nd Cole Ritchie

Class 8

1st Rebecca Fraley

2nd Lincoln Maurice

Class 9

1st Ruby Forrest

2nd Owen Black

Division II Champion

Rebecca Fraley

Division II Reserve Champion

Lila Wilson

Class 10

1st Baylor Perry

2nd Brooke Cohn

Class 11

1st Kole Bishop

2nd Brodey Deam

Class 12

1st Cale Hall

2nd Brady Funderburgh

Class 13

1st Brinlee Middleton

2nd Carson McCulla

Division III Champion

Cale Hall

Division III Reserve Champion

Cole Bishop

Class 14

1st Halle Funderburgh

2nd Leila Morris

Class 15

1st Shae Conrad

2nd Daltyn Hurst

Class 16

1st Bentley Deam

2nd Elin Leichty

Class 17

1st Claire Lensman

2nd Rebecca Fraley

Division IV Champion

Claire Lensman

Division IV Reserve Champion

Rebecca Fraley

Class 18

1st Ava Chamberlain

2nd Halle Funderburgh

Class 19

1st Dena Wilson

2nd Kendall Thomas

Class 20

Shelby Ritchie

2nd Ruby Forrest

Class 21

1st Kaitlyn Mertz

2nd Griffin Astorino

Division V Champion

Dena Wilson

Division V Reserve Champion

Kendall Thomas

Class 23

1st Dena Wilson

2nd Ethan Hodge

Class 24

1st Cale Hall

2nd Solly Warye

Division VI Champion

Cale Hall

Division VI Reserve Champion

Dena Wilson

Class 25

1st Solly Warye

2nd Zane Evans

Class 26

1st Duncan Funderburgh

2nd Aurora Cushman

Class 27

1st Tristyn McNeeley

2nd Payton Hodge

Division VII Champion

Solly Warye

Division VII Reserve Champion

Duncan Funderburgh