KFC Foundation Gives Back $20,000 Locally


The KFC Foundation has given back to two Bellefontaine-based non-profits, Lutheran Community Services and RTC Industries.

Recently, each non-profit was granted $10,000 to make a project on their wish list come true.

Kentucky Fried Wishes is the community giving program of the KFC Foundation that incites non-profit organizations to apply for a grant to fund a project on their wish list. This year the KFC Foundation is funding a million dollars in Kentucky Fried Wishes to 100 non-profit organizations across the country.

“Due to the generosity of KFC customers who chose to Round Up their orders to the KFC Foundation, we were able to double the number of grants awarded to community-based non-profits through Kentucky Fried Wishes this year,” said Emma Horn, Executive Director, KFC Foundation. “This is our biggest award year to date and we’re proud to support these non-profits who are doing meaningful work.”

Nita Wilkinson of RTC Industries explains what the money will be used for & her thoughts on being awarded the grant:


Evely Allen at Lutheran Community Services explains what they will use the funds for:

Kentucky Fried Wishes is just one way the KFC Foundation supports, empowers, and serves joy to KFC employees and communities. The KFC Foundation also provides programs focused on education accessibility and financial assistance for KFC Restaurant employees.

Operating independently from KFC Corporation and led by a board including KFC Franchisees, the KFC Foundation receives its financial support from Round up Fundraising and its annual donation program, a voluntary program where KFC franchisees contribute a portion of the restaurant sales of Secret Recipe Fries to engage in the Foundation’s initiatives.

Darren & Johni Whitaker have owned KFC in Bellefontaine since 2005 and are second-generation franchisees. The Bellefontaine KFC has been in the Whitaker family since 1977. Darren explains their thoughts on two grants being awarded in Logan County:

The KFC Foundation, an independent 501c3 organization, has provided over $31 million to support, empower, and serve joy to more than 9,3000 students, KFC employees, and non-profits. The KFC Foundation’s charitable programs include GED Achievement, college scholarships, tuition coverage, community giving, savings matching, and financial hardship assistance, all made possible by the Round-Up donations. For more information: visit kfcfoundation.org.