Logan County Education Foundation Scholarships Offered


The Logan County Education Foundation (LCEF) manages privately funded scholarship funds for groups, organizations, families, and individuals.

Since 2000, the LCEF has helped hundreds of students further their education through its scholarship program.

Each year over 30 scholarships are awarded to area high school seniors.

The scholarships range in size from $500 to over $10,000.

Below is a list of scholarships that the foundation manages.

All-County Scholarships:

  • Donald Gumpert Scholarship
  • Dr. James F. Costin
  • Earl & Marion Spain Memorial
  • Edward K. Core Jr. Memorial
  • Harriet Headington
  • Hazel Moore
  • Homer Fuson Memorial
  • ISS America
  • Joanne Jones Agriculture
  • Keep Logan County Beautiful
  • Lillian Thornton
  • Logan County Master Gardeners
  • Paul Thomas Memorial
  • Sharyl Sue Shafer Memorial
  • Ralph & Wilma Buroker Memorial
  • Todd T. Jones Agriculture
  • Todd & Joanne Jones Blue Lives Matter
  • William Ellis/Nancy Rathfelde

Bellefontaine Only Scholarships:

  • Billy Jervis Memorial
  • Deborah Ellis Academic
  • James & Patricia Ratleff Senior Award
  • Lewis J. & Anne Ringler Memorial
  • Phil Forsythe “Surprise”
  • Wickerham STEM Academic

Benjamin Logan Scholarships:

  • Rob Hayden Memorial
  • Dwight Spencer Memorial
  • Babe and Ida Willits Memorial

Indian Lake Only Scholarships:

  • Janis & Larry Taylor
  • Osgood Bank-Give Back
  • Stinger Vocal Music

These scholarship funds are awarded to public school students who meet scholarship criteria in Logan County.

Scholarship criteria vary depending on the scholarship.

The scholarships range in size from $500 to over $10,000.

Find out more information and print an application HERE.