Looking Back Into Valentine’s History


By: Alli Harlan

Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or fruit are some of the most popular gifts on February 14th.

When looking back into the history of Valentine’s Day, it was first celebrated on 496 AD.

Pope Gelasius is who made February 14th the official day for Valentine’s.

It was originally expected to focus on religion, but now it is focused on romance.

This day used to be called Lupercalia, in which some believe is why the day is focused on love.

Lupercalia was known as a festival that celebrated fertility and would make men and women pair together based on getting a name from a jar.

However, during the era of the 15th century, love and romance were construed as the word “valentine.”

As time went on, Valentine’s Day cards were being printed during the 19th century.

Ever since then, it has been a tradition for “lovers” to celebrate each other on this day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!