National Travel & Tourism Week: Top of Ohio


When I bring friends to Logan County, there are a few things that are on my “must-see” list.  At the top of my list are a few things around Bellefontaine. 

Anna Louden from the Logan County Chamber of Commerce talks about all the great things to do in Logan County:


We will start our tour at the Top of Ohio, Campbell Hill. Campbell Hill sits at 1,549.09 feet above sea level and is the highest point in elevation in Ohio.  It is located just two miles from downtown Bellefontaine. The peak is the former home of the Bellefontaine Air Force Station, where the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron maintained a Cold War early warning radar. Currently, the summit is occupied by the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center and is open to visitors Monday through Friday.

Next on my tour, we are headed to the first concrete street where George Bartholemew is celebrated as the man who brought cement and concrete to the Midwest. Called “artificial stone” in the 19th century, the new mixture called concrete hadn’t yet been used to pave streets. George convinced the Bellefontaine City Council to try it in 1891 on Court Avenue, around the Logan County Court House. He posted a bond guaranteeing the pavement would last at least five years. Over one hundred years later, George’s concrete street is still there. It’s now known as the “Oldest Concrete Street in America”.

Next on our tour is the World’s Shortest Street, Bellefontaine’s other claim to fame. McKinley Street, named after the President, is only 15 feet long. There is nothing super exciting about it, but it has a super cool factor. 

Next up on my agenda is lunch. The Downtown Bellefontaine options are amazing. See the complete list here: There are loads of options from pizza, to BBQ, to authentic Mexican to burgers.

Just in case you have friends coming to town and don’t have enough room at your place, there are several options for lodging. See them here:

Lastly, while in Bellefontaine, shopping is a must. There are more than 30 shops and boutiques within the downtown, including a few antique stores. I think we’ll make sure to catch the farmers market this Saturday, too! See all the shops:

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